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Welcome to See NC Eyecare. We believe that regular, yearly eye exams are just as important as your yearly physical with your physician. See NC Eyecare has offices in Garner and Raleigh NC. We invite you to experience quality affordable eycare in a relaxed, friendly environment.  At See NC Eyecare we believe that yearly exams are the best way to maintain good eye health and vision.  Annual eye exams keep your glasses and contact lens prescriptions current and allow your doctor to detect eye health problems before they cause permanent damage to your eyesight.  We are committed to providing you with the best vision and maintaining optimal eye health…. READ MORE

  • Eye doctor Raleigh NC

    Summertime and Your Eyes

    Summer is a wonderful time of year when families are spending quality time traveling while enjoying fun in the sun. Please keep in mind that the ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very damaging to the eyes. It is important when outside to wear sunglasses with a UV coating at all times. Polarized lenses

  • Contact Lenses Raleigh NC

    Contact Lenses and Dry Eye

    Contact lens discomfort can occur for a variety of reasons, especially when combined with dry eye.  In order for contact lenses to work the way they are supposed to it is important to care for them properly, following the wear schedule and replacement schedule prescribed by your doctor. A properly fit contact lens should float

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    Ray-Ban Eyewear in Raleigh NC

    Ray-ban Eyewear has historically been known for its deep roots in the sunglass industry.  Large metal aviator, club master and wayfarer styles have been worn since there origination in 1956.  Known for their style and durability, the Ray-Ban name has become entrenched in American society. Recently, Ray-Ban has become a phenomenon in the prescription segment

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