“Apples to Apples”, Quality Vs. Value in Eyecare

I’m sometimes asked why eyeglasses are so expensive. Fortunately, with a little explaining and education on the quality and value behind the product, most patients understand that they are getting an exceptional deal at See NC Eyecare in Raleigh, NC. However, there are a few folks that still just don’t seem to understand the difference between making a purchase for very good quality eyewear at a great price, and buying cheap, poor quality glasses for a cheap price.

Let me try to explain…

In the optical business, the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” rings very true! People seem to assume that they are getting an equal quality product for a cheaper price by shopping around. This is where another old saying, “Compare apples to apples.” comes in. Just because you can find cheap, junk glasses does not mean you are getting even a fraction of the quality of reasonably priced eyewear. And it’s not just the quality that suffers, the expertise and level of service also declines. In the case of online glasses, who is there with expert advice to assist you in choosing your glasses? Who will adjust them for you? Who will fix them when they break? Exactly… no one! The level and value of the service you get is exactly what you pay.

Let’s face it…

Why would you not want to invest in better or even the best quality for something you depend on and rely on, on a daily basis? It amazes me that people will spend hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes, a suit, or a dress that they only wear once or twice per year for special occasions, yet pass up on quality eyewear or value-added features like anti-reflective coatings or thinner/lighter lenses claiming that “It costs too much.” You wear them daily! Is your vision really not that important to you??

Glasses Without and with Anti-Reflective Coating


Thick/Heavy Lenses Vs. Thin and Light Lenses


At See NC Eyecare, we use only the best quality eyewear products and give them to you at a very reasonable price. Our work is backed by licensed opticians with over 60 years of experience to help you find the perfect pair, specifically tailored just for you! We are always happy to help you and provide exceptional service. We accept most major insurances and vision plans and offer special discounts for people without coverage.

Don’t settle for cheap, poor quality glasses. Come see us for the quality and value you deserve. You, your eyes, and the quality of your vision are worth it!

Billy B. Baty, LDO, Practice Manager

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