Eye Allergies

Spring is coming and with the change of seasons many people begin to experience the symptoms of eye allergies.  This is a result of the increase in pollen that comes with booming plants, grass growth and budding of leaves on the trees.

Eye allergies, also known as allergic conjunctivitis, occur when something that you are allergic to irritates the conjunctiva.  The conjunctiva is a delicate membrane that covers the eye and the inside of the eyelid.  Allergic conjunctivitis occurs when your immune system identifies an otherwise harmless substance as an allergen.  This causes your immune system to overreact and produce antibodies.  These antibodies cause cells to release chemical that cause an allergic reaction.  The symptoms of an allergic reaction in the eyes include:  itchiness, watery eyes, redness, sensitivity to light, grittiness and eyelid swelling.

Treatment of seasonal eye allergies includes eye drops, both over the counter and prescription.  Contact lens wearers may need to switch to dailies replacement lenses to reduce their exposure to pollen which mjay build up on their regular lenses.  Other things that may reduce the severity of your response include wearing a hat with a wide brim and sunglasses to reduce the amount of allergen that blows in to your eyes and rinsing your eyes with saline after you have been outside to wash away the pollen. Seeing your eye doctor may be an important step in controlling your ocular allergies.


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