What is good Customer Service in the Optometric Industry?

Customer service is a subject that all businesses must address.  The definition of customer service varies from one organization to another.  In my opinion there are several areas that must be addressed to provide outstanding customer service.

First, the staff should have an excellent attitude and great communication skills.  Patients should be greeted in a pleasant, professional manner.  This sets the tone for the rest of the experience in the office.  We have a personal relationship with each of our patients.  Our focus must be on taking care of important patient details.  Appointments are confirmed and insurance benefits are pre-verified.  Questions about benefits should have been addressed before the patient arrives. Positive first contact creates a smooth, professional environment for the patient.

Secondly, we as practitioners and staff must realize that people can go where ever they want to have their services provided.  Patients are a valuable resource with real wants, needs and desires. Patient education is critical. We must focus on patients as individuals and make recommendations based on what is in their best interest. Work environment, hobbies and daily activities all impact a patient’s needs.  Vision is 80{375739c8259afadcf2e50e273bab49dd198e5988af35cb56ccb8f49e139ade1a} of how we perceive life so we must communicate on a one to one basis to find out what we can do to maximize our patient’s daily experiences and minimize visual challenges.

Third, the status of orders placed for glasses or contacts is important.  Patients should be made aware of any delays or other challenges with their order.  They need to know what to realistically expect.  If the order comes in early that’s great!  Under promise and over perform is our motto.  Glasses orders require over 35 different quality control inspections.  All of these inspections must be meticulously done so the product the patient receives is the highest quality available.

Finally, patients questions or concerns must be addressed.  The staff should listen and hear out questions or concerns with an open mind.  Good communication skills are a must!  99{375739c8259afadcf2e50e273bab49dd198e5988af35cb56ccb8f49e139ade1a} of questions or concerns can be taken care of in a mutually beneficial manner if the proper effort is given.  Staff including the Eye doctor should always stay positive and supportive.

In summation, good customer service means simply to treat patients like you would like to be treated.  The result is great customer service and appreciation for our valued patients.


Jim Lewis
See NC Eyecare

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