Summertime and Your Eyes

Summer is a wonderful time of year when families are spending quality time traveling while enjoying fun in the sun. Please keep in mind that the ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very damaging to the eyes. It is important when outside to wear sunglasses with a UV coating at all times. Polarized lenses are the best for sun protection and blocking out the most glare. There are several different types of sunglasses which include wrap around sunglasses which are best for those riding motorcycles or bicycles. Large sunglasses that are designed to fit on top of regular glasses. Clip on sunglasses are also a great option because it is easy to place on your everyday glasses.

Another type of sunglasses are large, the 70’s inspired fashion sunglasses which have once again become popular. Wearing this type of sunglasses can help to prevent and slow down the progression of wrinkles. Large sunglasses covering the lower lid margin can block harmful UV rays which can cause early age spots. Sunglasses can also help to slow the growth rate of cataracts and conjunctival growths on eyes which can distort vision. Lastly, sunglasses can prevent foreign objects from entering into our eyes when cutting grass or tending to the lawn.

For all of the hours that we spend swimming, it is important take good care of our eyes. Contact lens patients should never, by any means, wear their contact lenses in the pool. An alternative are prescription swimming goggles. When outside, we strongly recommend to wear sun protection. In North Carolina we know the significance of protecting ourselves from the sharks at the beach. Now, lets take the effort to protect our eyesight. Come to See NC Eyecare and pick up your  latest pair of sunglasses today.

Constance L. Berryman, OD

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