The Pros and Cons of Online Eyewear

As an eye care professional with 26+ years of experience, I often wonder why people would consider ordering such a technically advanced product like their eyeglasses online. The most obvious motivator? Money. Why would you pay 2 or 3 times more for eyeglasses? I think the biggest misconception most people have is that they are getting the same (or similar) thing for a cheaper price. Let’s take a deeper look into this:

Pros of online ordering:

Low price

You can get a cheap quality product for a cheap price.


Cons of online ordering:

No Professional Advice

Eyeglass technology advances each and every year and N.C. Licensed Opticians are required to take 8 hours of continued education annually to keep their license current. The advice you get from a licensed optician is priceless! Who else is qualified to pick out your eyewear based on your needs and to match your needs to the best technology available?

No Service

The eyeglasses you purchase online come from China? (or who knows where?) How do you get them adjusted to fit you properly? This means no adjustments, no repairs, you cannot even try on the glasses to see if they fit properly, look good on you, or get the expert advice of an optician to help with your selection.
Poor or low quality
The old saying: “You get what you pay for.” has never been a truer statement as it applies to the optical business. DO NOT be fooled into thinking you are getting the same or similar quality goods online. If the price is your only motivator, please take this optician’s advice and SHOP LOCAL! ALWAYS ASK FOR A LICENSED OPTICIAN TO ASSIST YOU!
Not supporting locally owned businesses
Enough said!
So to recap. What do you get for paying more for your eyewear? At See NC Eyecare, our licensed professionals will take care of your needs with over 70 years of combined experience…
Professional advice on frame fittings, lenses and lens options:
  • Get the right fit for style and comfort!
  • Our knowledge of optics and lens choices will provide you with the best options to fulfill your needs.
Proper measurements:
  • Accuracy is highly important!
  • Proper fitting eyeglasses are not only comfortable to wear, but provide the best vision possible.
  • We stand behind our products and our patients.
High Quality:
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking you are getting same or similar quality goods online. “You get what you pay for.”
  • Frame and lens warranties available.
Billy B. Baty, LDO, Optical Manager
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